6 Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More Readable


6 Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More Readable


Blogs and news updates are a crucial part to any website, helping to improve your SEO and online presence to bringing people to your website on a regular basis searching for the latest news regarding your industry and local area.

So how do you make your articles more appealing and readable for your audience?

1) Break it up

No one reads anymore, we skim. Your audience doesn’t have time to sit there and read every article you post regardless of whether the information may be important to their needs. Give them headings, bullet points or numbered listings so they can filter through your article quickly to find the parts they are interested in. You should also keep your paragraphs and sentences short, stay on the point and try not to ramble on.

2) Actually make it easy to read

No one should have to zoom in on your website to be able to see content. Make sure your font size is readable and also keep your content black on white backgrounds or white (or a light colour) on dark backgrounds.

3) Don’t use jargon

Don’t over complicate things; only use words that your audience will be able to understand. Talk naturally and don’t use jargon. Your readers shouldn’t have to get out the dictionary every time they read your articles!

4) Keep it tidy

Keep the layout of the page clean and tidy. Don’t clutter your blog with ads or other distractions. Your audience is there to read and don’t need constant interruptions. 

5) Use images in a more appealing way

You can use images in different ways to make the article more attractive to the reader. You can use them to illustrate your article, to catch the reader’s attention or to draw their eyes to specific sections.

6) Use links in moderation

This fits in with number 4, don’t clutter up your post with too many links. Internal links can be a great way to direct users to other related articles but too many will just ruin the flow of the article and become too distracting.