SEO in a bottle: 4 ways to optimise your website


SEO in a bottle: 4 ways to optimise your website

For most estate agents, SEO is one of the major online marketing strategies you have in place to drive and increasing traffic to your website. As you may already know Google’s algorithm is constantly changing meaning you have to adapt your SEO strategies to optimise for the latest updates.

Here are four tips to help you get up-to-date with your SEO strategies:

1.       Focus on your primary keywords

Don’t try to optimise for too many keywords straight away. First you need to justify your website as an established and trustworthy site. To start with you should only focus on one or two keywords, dedicating specific pages to optimise for that term. If you include too many keywords on a single page, the keywords lose its value/authority as the search engine can’t determine what the webpage is about.

Also primary keywords should always be in the headline as these tags hold greater weight in the eyes of the search engine.

2.       Title tags and meta tags are still important

These tags may be behind the scenes but the search engines still see and use them. The title tag will be seen on the tabs of your browser and within the headline displayed in the search engine results pages. It is important to include your primary keyword or phrase within this.

The Meta tags don’t have any effect on your SEO but the Meta description is still displayed underneath the headline on the search engine results page.  

3.       Keyword placement

You may have included your keywords on your homepage but if they aren’t positioned near the top Google won’t see them as being anything of value.

Also don’t over use your keywords on any page of your website. This is considered as keyword stuffing and your website will be penalised which in turn will hurt your rankings.

4.       Google+ is becoming more important for SEO

It may have been referred to as a ghost town but Google has integrated social activity into its search results. By linking your profile to your site will provide you with better search engine visibility.

SEO is a continuous process of improvement and achieving good results isn’t an overnight process, it does take time. With Google constantly updating its algorithm, it’s important to implement the basics to help you improve your overall performance. 

Luke Stanley