SEO for estate agents: Blogging the wrong way


SEO for estate agents: Blogging the wrong way

Blogging can be hugely beneficial to almost any website, as it can increase traffic to your website and improve sales, reputation and brand recognition. It is also great for improving SEO for estate agents.

However, this is only true if you write your blogs correctly.

Deciding to start a blog is easy but what estate agents don’t anticipate is how difficult it can be to write and manage a blog. It requires a lot of time and effort.

Taking on a blog shouldn't be taken lightly as it is very easy to really mess up and in turn can have a negative effect on your website altogether.

Here are the top 7 most common ways you can destroy your blog:

1. Copying content from other blogs

Many estate agents have committed this crime. Of course, it saves a lot of time and effort but you are defeating the object of writing a blog. It will not improve your SEO and isn’t likely to drive much traffic, be sure to write fresh content for every post.

2. Inconsistent with posts

More content equals more traffic, if you aren’t posting regularly your audience will get bored and stop following your blog.

3. Sacrificing quality for quantity

Blogs that post poor quality content tend to fail, even if they do post regularly. Ensure your blog posts are informative and interesting all the time!

4. Only focusing on yourself

A blog is put in place to guide and inspire your users, not to focus on self-promotion. Talking about your experiences is fine but only if it is likely to help or inform your users. Remember a blog is about your users, not you.

5. Writing purely for SEO

It is obvious when a blog is written specifically for the search engines, which is very annoying and boring to read. If your users aren’t interested in your blog, you will lose your audience.

6. Spelling and grammatical errors

Nothing looks more unprofessional within a blog than spelling and grammatical errors. Of course, occasionally you may make a mistake here and there but it is important for you to check all the content before you post it. It’s also a good idea to write your articles on Microsoft Word before you post it online as it allows you to use spell check.  

7. You don’t think about the content you are writing

It is important to see what content works for you. The success of your blog will come from the amount of users who read and share it. Monitor what articles your audience is interested in and what they aren’t.

Avoid these at all costs! 

Luke Stanley