SEO benefits Google Plus can have for Estate Agents


SEO benefits Google Plus can have for Estate Agents

The social network run by Google connects several Google products together, giving Google+ users the advantage when it comes to SEO. If used correctly Google Plus can give businesses many positive rewards.

Where Google Plus differs from other social networks like Facebook and Twitter is their integration of Google+ Places which carries a lot of weight in terms of SEO.

How Google Plus can benefit your SEO:

Local search

Google Places is now integrated with Google+. Google Places is a page specifically focused towards your business and its location.

The benefits of Google+ local:

  • More visibility online, allowing customers to find your website easily.
  • More engagement with customer as it’s connected to Google+.
  • Easy access to customers, allowing you to encourage feedback and ask for reviews.
  • Enabling you to achieve higher page rankings through posting fresh content regularly.

Social signals

Google+ has its own variation of the Facebook “like” which is known as the “+1”. Google favours websites that have received more social credibility such as likes, retweet and +1’s, and although Facebook and Twitter can be vital to any online marketing campaign, both obstruct Google from accessing much of the data which in turn limits their SEO effectiveness.

PageRank on your business page

Google+ business pages are treated like any other website, so they have their own PageRank. This means that websites with higher PageRank will outrank those websites with lower PageRank.

By having a high PageRank on your Google+ business page can help you achieve high rankings within the local search results even page one results.  

Luke Stanley