Is HTTPS vital for SEO?


Is HTTPS vital for SEO?

Last year, Google announced that it would be including HTTPS as a lightweight factor within its search algorithm.

Since then, HTTPS is still considered to be pretty much on the same level as HTTP, with no real overlap between the two.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is simply a more secure version of HTTP. It is common among sites with sensitive information such as banks and e-commerce sites. You can easily identify which sites use HTTPS as they usually have a padlock icon right before the URL in the address bar.

Why HTTPS is more secure

HTTPS ensures that the connection is secure from both ends, meaning external sources cannot gather information passed over the connection for malicious purposes. Here’s how it works:

1. Encryption – the data passed from the client to the server and vice versa is encrypted to keep the information safe.

2. Secure data – the data going to and coming from the server can’t be changed. This stops attacks from external users changing or editing the data.

3. Authentication – this ensures that the server that the user is connected to belongs to the business they intend to deal with.

Has Google upgrade their HTTPS update?

Until now, there has been no real difference between HTTP and HTTPS but all of a sudden HTTPS traffic seems to have been given quite a big rankings boost.  So has Google added this to their algorithm finally?

It is possible that Google has placed more weight on HTTPS websites; however they are yet to announce this. Although we do know it is something Google is looking to focus on…

Why would Google add HTTPS to its algorithm?

Google’s search algorithm caters for the user first; they want the user to be able to find the best, most reliable, trusted and relevant website from the search phrase. They produce this through their algorithm which focuses on thousands of aspects that enable them to find the best websites. Changes like Panda and Penguin have been solely focused on quality and the user experience.

With Google focusing on benefitting its users, HTTPS is a clear step for its algorithm as it offers a lot of benefits to the average user. It is especially important where sensitive information may be at risk.

Why HTTPS is important for the future

HTTPS website will be more trusted and safer for the user, so it makes sense why Google would include this within their algorithm. It is important that we protect users that use our websites by ensuring it is a secure, virus free and a trusted domain they are using.

The benefits of using HTTPS will be worth it in the long run and even more so if this Google HTTPS update turns out to be real.

Luke Stanley