Google wants content


Google wants content

Over the years SEO strategies have remained one of the primary focuses for online marketing among all estate agents, despite all the changes within SEO.

But one thing that has never changed in SEO is that content is king. And now content is becoming a more important aspect of SEO than ever before.

Here’s how you can improve your content marketing strategy to keep Google and your customers happy:

Answer your audience’s questions

Google wants its search engine to behave in a way that brings it closer to how humans behave. If people have a problem, they generally ask Google and they receive an answer. For you to improve your content, you need to start answering the questions you believe your audience will be asking.

If you can do this then your content will be more relevant and informative to the user and Google will like rank you better because of it.

Produce longer articles

Contrary to popular belief, readers still enjoy a long read and not only that Google likes it too! When you create a new post that consists of a thousand words or so, not everyone will read it in full, many may scan over it but that doesn’t necessarily matter.

Creating this type of content proves that you can provide your audience with useful and meaningful content, which Google will rank you higher for.

Create new content frequently

This is the most important factor when it comes to content marketing. Writing long articles every now and again won’t benefit your SEO greatly. In order to gain greater results from content marketing you need to create useful, relevant posts on a regular basis.

To keep on top of this, it may be a good idea to form a content plan so you can ensure you are writing these articles at regular intervals. If you can manage to do this, it won’t only benefit your audience but Google will appreciate it and you will begin to see your SEO improving over time (if your efforts are consistent). 

Luke Stanley