Google My Business Testing Instant Chat


It appears that Google My Business is testing a messaging feature to enable you to chat with your customers directly from the Google search results.

The new feature is associated with Google My Business and allows you to do live chats with your customers via Google’s search engine results page, but is currently only available to a select group of business owners.

Google My Business has uploaded their help documents regarding the new pilot program. If you have been selected to test this new feature Google will have already invited you to participate via email.

The new feature adds a new ‘MESSAGE’ button, alongside the ‘Call’, ‘Directions’ and ‘Website’ buttons within the local knowledge graph panel.

The message button will give your customers to ability to start live chats between your business and the searcher.

Google has stated –

“Google My Business allows you to chat directly with customers who find your business listing on Google Search. Responding to customers can help you answer their questions, tell your business’s story, and attract more people to your location.”

Google has already sent out the invites to participate in this pilot feature, so if you haven’t been invited you won’t have access to the live chat at this time.

However, if the testing is successful we are likely to see this button added to more and more local businesses.

The new feature will send messages to the business via SMS number or Google Allo, depending on your preference.

If you would like more details about this new feature check out the Google My Business Help page.  

Luke Stanley