Best SEO strategies that nobody is doing


Best SEO strategies that nobody is doing

Keeping up with the latest SEO developments isn’t easy, but sometimes there are things estate agents can do to get a competitive SEO advantage simply because none of their competitors are bothering to do them.

Eventually everyone jumps on the bandwagon once they realise the advantages behind certain SEO strategies but if you start doing them early you will have a hefty advantage.

SEO for Estate Agents

1. Start writing

These days a lot of SEO results come from a company’s ability to create a constant flow of useful and relevant content. To get the most from this the writers need to have a good understanding of the businesses industry, their products, services, customers and competitors. The best people to write articles for your business is you!

2. Google Authorship

Not only should you have writers but they should participate in Google Authorship program. From this your content will gain organic search visibility as well as having a thumbnail appear next to your page on the search engine results page.

This will lead to an increase in traffic and click-through rates.

3. Understand rank isn’t everything

A few years ago ranking used to be crucially important for SEO but this is no longer the case. This is because Google now serves up results based on user’s geographic location and search history, meaning a websites Google rank varies depending on the person viewing it.

As well as this social media sharing and other types of search like video and news will have an effect on your search rankings so these days overall visibility is more important than ranking for single keywords.

SEO is really all about lead generation, for example if you are ranking position one for a keyword that generates zero leads and position 8 for another keyword that generates 25 leads, which keyword would you regard as more successful?

Many estate agents get caught up with the physical position ranking over how many leads their keywords are actually generating which of course are more valuable to your business.

Make sure you take advantage of what your competition is missing out on…

Luke Stanley