6 factors to consider for SEO success


6 factors to consider for SEO success


SEO for estate agents is essential if you want your business to grow and dominate the market. It can increase your visibility online, improve your Google rankings and drive more traffic to your website which will in turn lead to more leads and sales.

Google’s algorithm analyses thousands of aspect of your estate agent website in order to rank you, these factors all revolve around usability, trust, authority and relevance of your site.

To increase your websites online visibility and rank, you will need to focus on these 6 factors:

1. Keyword targeting

Keyword research is very valuable to any business that wants to achieve great results from their SEO. Certain keywords will help you to attract a higher quality of leads over others, meaning your choice of keyword is vital to the success of your SEO campaign. After all why would you want to spend all your time and effort optimising for a keyword that won’t generate any sales for you!

Try to put yourself into your customers shoes, what would they search for to find your business?

2. Content

A common phrase in SEO is “content is king”. Content is the foundation to your SEO campaign. Google wants to give the user the most useful information possible, so by creating unique content that is valuable and relevant to your audience will lead to Google ranking you highly.

Choose your wording carefully, longtail keywords can draw in huge amounts of traffic and be sure to promote your content through social channels.

3. You Must Go Mobile

Mobile is now an essential part of any online campaign. It isn’t a fad or something to be overlooked. With the increase of mobile device usage, it is vital to have a mobile friendly website (either a responsive website or mobile website).  

The user experience on a mobile device will have a massive impact on your mobile SEO, which is likely to cause a huge increase or decrease in traffic to your website depending on whether it is mobile friendly or not.

4. Usability

How easy is it for your users to navigate your website? Can they find what they are looking for quickly? If not a redesign may be needed. Usability is a major ranking factor so you should ensure your site is as user-friendly as possible.

5. Be an authoritative figure

Build your reputation through blogging. Prove you are an expert within your industry by educating your audience; this will not only drive more traffic to your website but will help you to be more trusted in the eyes of your audience and the search engines. 

Luke Stanley