4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Blog Posts


4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Blog Posts


Writing blog posts/news articles have many advantages for any estate agency; they can help further a reader’s relationship with the business and strengthen their impression of the company’s knowledge about the industry.

Blog posts are usually used to increase traffic and leads as well as to help get across the businesses messages and call-to-actions.

Many businesses rely on blogging to generate a huge amount of traffic and leads, so here are 4 ways you can improve your blog posts:

1) Write longer articles

We know writing any length of blog post takes time but search engines are looking for content that adds value to your website which is hard to get across in a few paragraphs. You need to keep in mind when writing any new content for your website that quality always trumps quantity.

2) Make your content stand out with images and videos

Try to include at least one image within every article you post to your website. Visual appeal is very important to draw the user in to read the article. Articles with images get 94% more views than those without.  

3) Clean layouts

Using subtitles, numbered lists, bullet points or all three can really make a difference to an article as it makes the articles easier to read and digest.

Bunching all the words together in an uninterrupted block of text will frustrate the user, most users scan through text which is very difficult to do if the article hasn’t been clearly laid out.

4) Minimal self-promotion

A blog should never be used to self-promote, your blog should engage with your audience about news that matter to them.

Every article you post should provide value to the reader. Don’t write about how great your services are; instead write about why they would need such a service and how it would benefit them. Potential clients don’t really care about how well your business is doing or how great you are, what they care about is solving their own problems.

Use your blog to show them you care about their problems and that you want to help them. 

Luke Stanley