The “Unbreakable” iPhone 6 screen

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The “Unbreakable” iPhone 6 screen

Rumours regarding Apple using sapphire crystal glass for their iPhone 6 screen seems to have been confirmed due to leaks. The sapphire crystal glass has been said to be “unscratchable” but an amazing new video that has been posted online demonstrates just how tough this material really is.

The video is from Marques Brownlee who claims to have an actual screen from the up and coming iPhone 6 and not just a mock-up. In this video he goes through numerous tests attempting to bend and scratch it the screen with keys and even a knife.

Amazingly the screen doesn’t snap, shatter or even leave a mark (apart from finger prints).

Its strength is shocking considering it is paper thin as well, which will help reduce depth on the overall device too.

Apple already use sapphire crystal glass on the iPhone 5S’s camera lens and home button (ID button) as both need to be highly durable and 100% transparent, obviously to take high quality photos and read the fingerprint to unlock the phone.

Check out the video here -

Another video was also posted by Sonny Dickson who posted a short video of how bendy the screen can be.  

The sapphire crystal glass looks immensely stronger and more durable than the Gorilla Glass (which is used on the current iPhone devices), which I'm sure is exciting news for those of us who seem to always drop and crack their iPhone screens.

Not only is it tough, but it is remarkably clear and transparent. This will mean colours won’t be distorted at all.

So will you be getting the unbreakable iPhone 6? 

Luke Stanley