The future of Apple: Virtual reality

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The future of Apple: Virtual reality

Where is the future of Apple heading? Rumours this week suggest that Apple may be developing their own virtual reality devices after Apple had posted an advertisement for a software engineer with experience in virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

The advertisement stated that Apple was looking for someone that can "create high performance apps that integrate with Virtual Reality systems for prototyping and user testing."

This has led many to believe that Apple are interested in developing this type of technology and the rumour aren’t really that unbelievable considering tech giants Song and Samsung have begun developing their own virtual reality devices too.

At the moment these are just rumours and we can only speculate what Apple will be working towards, however the likelihood is that either Apple is aiming to develop their own virtual reality hardware like the Oculus Rift or possibly to create virtual reality software to work with accessories like Pinc (that turns the iPhone 6 into a gesture control interface). 


Over the last 6 years Apple has showed interested in virtual reality having applied for a patent for glasses-free, stereoscopic 3D display and even more recently rumours about Apple developing glasses-free 3D displays for the next generation iPhones have also been floating around.

Although it may not be clear what Apple are getting up to, it is clear that Apple is interested in breaking into the virtual reality market in the near future. 

Luke Stanley