Samsung to release call-making watch

| Technology

No smartphone required! Samsung Gear Solo, a call-making smartwatch is to be unveiled next month alongside the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 4.

Rumours have been flying around that Samsung was planning on releasing a smartwatch with its very own SIM card, which means there would be no need to pair it up with a smartphone and it is starting to look like the rumours are true and that this smartwatch could be released as soon as next month.

The Gear Solo watch is likely to be announced at the IFA conference this September. The Gear Solo won’t require a smartphone and still allows users to make calls, text and email as well as many other tasks due to it having its own SIM card, service plan and cellular radio.

Recently patents from Samsung strongly hint at new Gear smartwatches coming with rounded faces and cameras mounted on the straps. These kinds of innovative and distinctive design features could make the Gear Solo stand out from its rivals.

Samsung’s target audience for the Gear Solo will be for those who don’t wish to carry a mobile phone around such as sporting enthusiasts. Samsung hope that the lower price tag for the Gear Solo will rival cheaper competitor smartphones.

Rumours suggest that the Gear Solo will run on Tizen, just like the Gear 2.

The conference is on 3rd September where we expect they will unveil the Galaxy Note 4, but fingers crossed they will be releasing the Gear Solo alongside it. 

Troy Stanley