Rumoured New iPhone 8 'Mirror' Colour

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Rumoured New iPhone 8 'Mirror' Colour

A brand new iPhone rumour has been leaked saying Apple’s next generation iPhone will come in 4 colours including a totally new one with a mirror-like finish.

Yet, no other details regarding the new mirror coloured iPhones were leaked yet.

This is the first time this particular rumour has been leaked and there isn’t much proof, however it does make sense for Apple to release a new colour for their iPhone range this year…

As it is the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone, Apple will want to stun iPhone fans and as they tend to launch trendy new finishes to all their recent smartphones, such as Gold with the iPhone 5S, Rose Gold with the iPhone 6S, Jet Black with the iPhone 7 and the latest Product RED edition, it isn’t that much of a stretch to believe the iPhone 8 will come in a brand new colour.

Currently, the iPhone now comes in six different colours so reducing this number down to four may also suggest a popular new colour could be released.

As for the other 3 colours that the next generation iPhone will come in, leaker Benjamin Geskin didn’t reveal but we can expect that it will include at least one of its existing colours.

Apple is expected to go big this year with their iPhone release and an exciting new colour would fit in nicely, even if it is even more of a fingerprint magnet than the Jet Black finish.  

We will keep you updated with all the latest rumours… 

Luke Stanley