Nokia Unveil Their First Smartphone in Three Years

| Technology

Back in 2013, Nokia agreed to sell their mobile phone division to Microsoft. This was in an attempt to win back some of the mobile market share from Apple and Android, but to no avail. Microsoft has since scaled back their mobile efforts.

However, Nokia has remained rather quiet lately when it comes to smartphones. The last Nokia smartphone was launched back in 2014, but they have now resurfaced with a brand new smartphone.

Nokia have unveiled their first smartphone in 3 years, but it will only go on sale in China.

The Nokia 6 will run Android and cost approximately £200 (1,699 yuan). The smartphone is Nokia branded under a new licensing deal with manufacturer HMD Global.

Nokia isn’t making the new smartphone themselves but licensing their name to HMD Global, giving them exclusive rights to the Nokia brand on phones for the next decade.

But HMD have plans to release a range of Nokia smartphones and feature phones in the future.

The new Nokia 6 is only set to be released in China; however HMD have promised new Nokia handsets will be released within the next few months.

The Nokia 6 comes with a 5.5 inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a 16MP rear-facing camera. It also runs Android Nougat and is made from single block of aluminium.

This makes it the first Nokia to use Android; its predecessors first used Nokia’s own operating system ‘Symbian’, and then signed a deal with Microsoft in 2011 to use Windows Phone software.

This obviously didn’t work out for Nokia and their smartphone market share continued to fall, which led to them selling off their mobile phone division to Microsoft in 2013 for £4.7 billion. 

Luke Stanley