Microsoft Kills Off Windows Vista

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Microsoft Kills Off Windows Vista

Microsoft’s Windows Vista was released just over 10 years ago and now the most hated Windows operating system has finally been killed off.

The operating system is often referred to as the worst version of Windows and was released in January 2007; 5 years after Microsoft launched the incredibly popular Windows XP.

2 years after its release, Windows 7 was released to the relief of Windows users who were looking for a proper upgrade from XP.

As of Tuesday, 11th April 2017, Microsoft has announced that they will no longer support Windows Vista.

Unfortunately, Vista didn’t live up to the success of Windows XP and has been heavily criticised for its many issues.

Vista boasted having a more sophisticated, streamlined and a revolutionary interface as well as a new file system, however the software didn’t live up to the hype, which resulted in many users switching back the Windows XP.

Although Windows Vista did become more usable towards the end, Microsoft did end its “mainstream support” back in 2012. After the 11th April, all support for Windows Vista will be ended.

Windows Vista currently only has an operating system market share of just 1.83% so this probably won’t be an issue for many of you.

For those of you would still use Windows Vista, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use the operating system anymore. It just means that you will no longer receive security updates or support from Microsoft, so if you are running Windows Vista we urge you to update your operating system immediately. 

Luke Stanley