iPhone’s unbreakable glass too expensive?

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iPhone’s unbreakable glass too expensive?

A few weeks ago we posted a popular article regarding the unbreakable iPhone 6 screen which rumours led us to believe that Apple was getting rid of the fragile Gorilla Glass they use on their current smartphones and replacing it with the unscratchable sapphire glass.

Now it seems that these reports may have been premature, at least if you can believe the Wall Street Journal.

The reports suggest that while sapphire glass will be used on some models of the iPhone 6, it will not be the default material for all of them.


According to reports the cost of create this sapphire glass is estimated at $16 per iPhone, which is a huge cost compared to the current Gorilla Glass that only costs $3 per iPhone.

Apple has been producing this Sapphire glass in Arizona and it is considered a superior glass due to its resistance against scratches and breaking. Apple has previously used this unbreakable glass in small quantities on their iPhone 5S’ Touch ID button and camera lens. Many hoped it would be the standard material used for the screen on all iPhone 6’s, however due to cost this doesn’t look likely.

Is sapphire glass too expensive?

Yes, it doesn’t look like Apple can justify spending that much on producing enough sapphire glass for all the iPhone 6 screens that will be released, however they may offer sapphire glass for premium models of the phone that would cost considerably more.

However to discover the truth we will have to wait until September 9th when Apple may unveil the iPhone 6.

Stay tuned for all the latest news for the iPhone 6… 

Luke Stanley