iOS 10.2 is here

| Technology

Apple has just released the iOS 10.2 update and it is a pretty big one. However most of the updates are unlikely to be noticed by the general user, apart from one, Apple has added over 100 new emoji to your keyboard including new faces, foods, animals and more.

The tech giant is now rolling out iOS 10.2 to everyone and the emoji update will definitely be a fan favourite.

The emoji update adds lots of new foods, new professional emoji’s that show people in careers such as scientists and teachers, new animals including a new shark and Gorilla as well as several new smileys which finally include a facepalm emoji.

Apple also took this opportunity to slightly redesign all existing emoji’s too so don’t be surprised to see your favourites looking a little different.

Most of the emoji characters redesigns are now more three-dimensional, with more detail giving them a more realistic look.

Apart from the emoji update, iOS 10.2 also includes several bug fixes, camera stabilisation improvements, updates to Siri, Photo app improvements, new love and celebration full screen effects within Messages, and updates to Music, News and Mail.

You can update your iOS device now by going into your Settings > General > Software Update to get the new iOS 10.2. 

Luke Stanley