Google’s unlimited photo storage

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Google’s unlimited photo storage

Google has released a new service ‘Google Photos’, which gives everyone unlimited storage for all their photos and videos for free (forever) via their new Google Photos app.

They announced their new service at Google’s I/O 2015 developer’s conference.  

It is quite common for people to run out of space on their smartphones due to masses of videos and photos stored on their phones; however this will be a thing of the past thanks to Google Photos. All your photos and videos can now be stored in a vast digital gallery in the cloud for free.

Google Photos is available on iOS, Android and the web which means you can back up all of your photos into one safe place.

You will then be able to browse a timeline of photos, whenever and wherever you wish.

Google Photos is also very smart, it will automatically organise your pictures based on time, places and even people without you needing to do any tagging yourself.  

You will also be able to search for photos and videos using specific search terms, again without you having to tag them.

The app also has a basic editing tool built in so you will be able to lighten and crop photos among other things.

Lastly, Google Photos has a number of sharing features, making it easy to share to social networks easily, enabling you to share multiple photos in one go.

Although this new free app is pretty amazing, it does have some limitations. For example, free storage only applies to photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p. You can upload bigger files but Google Photos will automatically downsize them.

This may be a little disappointing but 16 megapixels is still great quality so won’t affect many users.

Google Photos is now available on iOS and Android as well as on the web. 

Luke Stanley