Google’s Halloween Easter Eggs

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Google’s Halloween Easter Eggs

Google has rolled out some Halloween Easter Eggs within its search results for some of the holidays most legendary characters.

If you search for “witch”, “skeleton”, “werewolf”, “vampire”, “ghost”, “zombie”, “grim reaper” and several other keywords that fall into this yearly tradition, then the Knowledge Graph will show some interesting results regarding these scary characters (as you can see from the image below).

vampire easteregg.jpg


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Google search’s Knowledge Graph, you can find the box on the top right of the search results page where it displays vital stats and basic information regarding the search.

If you search one of these legendary creatures you will discover their origin, food source, how to avoid them, how to defeat them, as well as some other interesting info.

Google haven’t divulged how many of these keywords display Easter Eggs but they have said that each one has some very interesting results.

Google are well-known  for their Easter Eggs and have included them across all of its services in the past, including search, Gmail, Google Translate, Google Maps and many others.

So why not have a look around and see how many Halloween Easter Eggs you can find… 

Luke Stanley