Google I/O keynote and the release of Google Glass in the UK

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Google I/O keynote and the release of Google Glass in the UK

Google’s annual I/O developer conference is set to kick off in San Francisco at 6pm (UK time) but what can we expect to see?

More Android Wear

Back in March Google announced Android Wear. Their smartwatches teased mainly as a notification and communication hub but the possibilities with the new wearable technologies is very exciting.

We are likely to see more from Android Wear, along with the Moto 360 getting a proper debut alongside the LG G Watch.  

The announcement of Android Wear is also likely to include Google Fit, a health app set to take on Apple’s iOS 8 HealthKit.

Possible Home Automation

Google recently acquired Nest Labs who last night open its thermostat to developers. It might be a bit too early for Google to announce an Android equivalent of Apple’s HomeKit but it is likely to be mentioned at some point at the conference.  

Android in the Car

Google announced this back in January but no word has been spoken since. Apple CarPlay is arriving soon meaning we are likely to see more on Android in the Car this evening. If Google talks more about their in-car Android interface, we could also hear more about their self-driving cars.

New Android to be unveiled

With the new technologies such as Android Wear and Home Automation means that the mobile software needs to be updated. We are expecting to see the release of the next version of Android, either a 4.5 or 5.0 version. Rumours suggest that the successor to KitKat will be called Lollipop but all will be revealed tonight.


We may be lucky enough to see further details on Google’s modular Project Ara Smartphones, along with a HTC-built Nexus 8 and rumours even suggest a possible Nexus 9.

All will be revealed at today’s conference so be sure to follow it this evening.


Other Google news: The release of Google Glass

Finally Google has launched it Glass Explorer programme in the UK, allowing any resident over 18 to buy their wearable technology. However it will set you back £1,000.

Of course this isn’t a commercial release, instead it is still more of a prototype, but the Explorer programme has been running for over a year in the US.

The device is on sale now and you can order it online at

With the release of Google Glass in the UK they have also announced four new partners to the Glass programme:

  • StarChart – this app will identify heavenly bodies when you look up at the night sky
  • The Guardian – this app will feed you news alerts
  • – will keep you updated on the latest football scores in real time
  • Zombies, Run – an already popular fitness app, which encourage you to run faster and further

The glasses come in five colours Charcoal, Tangerine, Cotton, Shale and Sky, and you can buy different frames and other accessories to suit your style. 

Troy Stanley