Focus on Estate Agency Software - Top 3 ideas for avoiding your most common complaint

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Focus on Estate Agency Software -  Top 3 ideas for avoiding your most common complaint

Perhaps the single most frequent compliant levelled at Estate Agents by their clients is the lack of feedback whilst their property is being marketed. So we’ve put together our top 3 great ideas how to overcome this thorny issue using technology many agents already have but rarely use to their advantage, so here’s our top 3 in reverse order -

3) Use your agency software viewing diary -

These systems are great, they essentially work like your paper viewing book but never let you forget to confirm or follow up every viewing appointment. Simple to use, this integrated system has all applicants and vendors contact information instantly to hand, enabling you to quickly create/amend/follow up appointments is seconds without having to hunt around the office for paper systems. The key benefit is that it is simple to check viewings that are yet to be confirm or followed up. Even better, if you have a cloud based system you can check this from anywhere at any time… Never forget to confirm or follow up a viewing ever again.    

2) Actively sending a monthly activity report -

IT systems are great for many things, but there is something that all decent information systems do well, which is collect transactional data and remember it… So every single note or action you carry out on a property will be filed away against the property record and remembered. It is therefore, a very straightforward task to extract this information in the form of a report and send it to the owner. This could even be presented as part of your service at the point of valuation/Market appraisal, giving you the all too elusive USP over your competition.      

1) Text message appointment confirmation -   

Text messaging is something most of us do every day, it’s taken for granted and for many it’s their primary source of social, friend and family communication. Strangely though, for business it’s not even considered as a means of direct client communication. We are all wowed when we get a text message from our dentist reminding us of our impending appointment but this is rarely transferred to the estate agency business. Most estate agency software systems include text messaging as an option for appointment confirmation, in good systems it’s automated and sends a text message at a designated period of time prior to any appointment. From our own user research, using this method of text confirmation on viewing appointments has cut viewing no shows by over 90%... Not only this but potential vendors see your use of technology, and you will be viewed as more tech savvy and customer focused by sending these text messages. This can only improve your chance of being invited to present your business to them for their instruction.

Considering new software?

If you are currently considering new or upgrading your existing Estate Agency Software System - Resource Techniques produce a CRM (Client Relationship Manager) based Estate Agency Software System, It is a the very latest cloud based system and benefits from all of the above. Its name is RT Live.

For more information click here or call 0208 457 4777 to arrange a demonstration. 

Troy Stanley