Chargerless Smartwatch?

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Chargerless Smartwatch?

Battery life may be the biggest challenge that faces the wearable technology. Pebble smartwatches have resolved this issue by keeping things very simple but the more complex smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, battery life is a real issue with the watches needing charging daily.

If smartwatches are going to become an essential part of our lives, as the smartphone has, then the tech manufacturer will need to resolve the issues with smartwatch battery life. Which ever tech company manages to resolve this is likely to dominate the smartwatch market! 

So it comes as no great surprise that Apple is aiming to overcome this obstacle for the highly anticipated iWatch with advanced charging technology, a flexible solar charging screen.

These rumours have revealed that the tech giant, Apple, is working on building the iWatch screen with a solar charging layer. However the first iWatch isn’t likely to include these flexible solar charging screens as the technology is reportedly not yet ready, despite Apple having already filed patents for the solar charging screen.

Other sources suggest that Apple is working on other charging methods for the iWatch, having experimented with wireless inductive charging similar to that of the Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Apple is also known to have experimented with motion charging which was revealed in a patent from 2009, this would work through the kinetic energy created by the wearer moving their arm which in turn would charge the iWatch’s battery.

There's still no word on when Apple will be unveiling the iWatch but if they are planning on making an impact on the smartwatch market they will have to overcome this issue fast, ensuring these smartwatch battery lifes could last for long periods of time. However it doesn’t look like this will be in the near future! 

Troy Stanley