Best features of the iOS 9.3 update

| Technology

iOS 9.3 was released last week and it’s not a new version of iOS but it is quite big deal. This iOS update isn’t just about bug fixes and minor tweaks; it actually has some brand new features that are definitely worth knowing.

Here are the best features Apple has delivered with the iOS 9.3 update:

Night shift

Night shift uses your geolocation and time settings to judge when it’s time to tone down the harsh screen lights to make it easier on your eyes at night.

Night shift will result in less strain on both your eyes and brain, which should help you to fall asleep. The feature will then adjust back to normal brightness settings when the sun rises the next morning.

You can control your Night shift settings by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift. Here you will be to set time schedules and adjust the colour temperature to your preference.

Passwords on Notes

iOS 9.3 allows you to lock certain notes that you might want to keep private. These notes will only be able to be accessed via a password (specific for each note) or your fingerprint.

You also can now organise Notes by date created, date changed or alphabetical order.

You can add private notes by going to Notes > selecting a note > click on the symbol in the top right (square with an upwards pointing arrow) > select Lock Note > enter password.

New 3D Touch elements  

This is obviously only available for the iPhone 6s and 6s plus, but 3D Touch has now stemmed to native iPhone apps such as enabling shortcuts for the Settings app which is extremely handy as well as some other useful features.

Health app gets a boost

Apple’s Health app hasn’t really taken off but Apple isn’t giving up on it yet. You are now able to add third-party apps to help you track all different aspects of your health. Whatever you are tracking it will be easier to monitor on the new Health app (supposedly).


Despite the iOS update coming with several rather annoying bugs such as links not opening and crashing your iPhones which Apple have assured us that a fix is coming soon, the new iOS update does come with some rather handy new features that will used daily. 

Luke Stanley