Apple tech support now on Twitter

| Technology

Apple has launched an official Twitter account to allow people to tweet their Apple issues directly to the Apple geniuses.

Apple has stated "We're here to provide tips, tricks and helpful information when you need it most, and if you have a question, well - we're here to help with that too."

The tech giant made their geniuses accessible via Twitter last week after launching @AppleSupport which has already accumulated over 187,000 followers.

The account amazingly responded directly to 2,200 requests from its Apple users on Twitter on its first day live, giving users details on how to fix their issues.

Twitter users can tweet their problems to the Apple Support account publicly or direct message them for private conversations with Apple’s geniuses.

For a long time Apple have offered live online chat with their support staff through the Apple website, however they have decided to bring their support to Twitter just like many other companies offer, giving us a new and in some cases more accessible way to get in touch with Apple via the social network.

@AppleSupport is such an active, public social presence it has a lot of potential to be one of Apple’s biggest Twitter accounts, a title currently held by @AppleMusic with over 8 million followers. 

Luke Stanley