Apple invites sent - September 9th event unveiled

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Apple invites sent - September 9th event unveiled

It’s that time of year again, Apple has officially sent out their invites for a September 9th event. Rumours have been flying around since the release of the iPhone 5S but we now have less than a week to wait to find out what Apple has up their sleeves for their next generation technology.

This year it is widely believed that Apple will be launching the iPhone 6, and possibly a large iPhone (phablet) and an iWatch.

The event will take place at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino at 10am (PDT). The event is likely to be streamed live on (but only for Safari users), iOS devices through iTunes app and Apple TV as with previous events.

Usually Apple drop subtle (and not so subtle) hints to what the event is likely to announce on its invite. This year the tagline is “Wish we could say more” and a simple slice of the Apple logo on a white background.

Previous event invites have subtly dropped clues to the name of the iPhone 5 and last year the colourful iPhone 5C shells but does this year’s invite have a deeper meaning too?

apple2014 previous.jpg

Many have guessed that the “Wish we could say more” could mean the release of a renovated Siri as part of the new iOS 8. As always the internet over analyses these invitations however this year’s invites don’t appear to be giving away any real clues.    

But we don’t have to wait for long until we find out what Apple will be announcing at their September event next week. 

Luke Stanley