Android tablets overtake the iPad

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Android tablets overtake the iPad

Android smartphones currently dominate 70.1% of phone sales across Europe, but the Android has always struggled to compete against Apple iPad in the tablet market. That is until now…

For the first time Android-powered tablets have overtaken iOS based tablets. Apple still are putting up a good fight considering their small product range (the iPad and the iPad Mini), however with many budget Android tablets being released it has given them the boost in sales to surpass Apple.

Since 2010 Tablets sales have taken off and the tablet market today is valued at $12.7 billion.

With smaller tablets (under 7inches) being the most popular, Apple’s delayed response in releasing the iPad Mini could be one of the causes to Android-powered tablets taking control of the tablet market.

Apple’s market share may suffer more due to the recently released budget tablets such as the Tesco Hudl and the high spec Google Nexus 7 which could push the tablet market further into Android’s favour as we wait in anticipation for the release of the iPad Mini 2.    

Troy Stanley