Amazon To Go Head To Head With Apple

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Amazon To Go Head To Head With Apple


It appears that the world’s largest online retailer is once again about to get in the ring with Apple.

According to the latest reports, Amazon is gearing up to release its own version of Apple’s AirPods later this year, which is rumoured to have very similar functionality but will also come in grey and black.

Amazon are supposedly planning to release these wireless ear buds, which will be controllable via voice control and physical gestures, using its own virtual assistant Alexa. The device will be very similar to Apple’s new AirPods which announced the new hands-free Siri support just last month.

Amazon's wireless ear buds would also come with a charging case, just like the AirPods and it appears that the only functional difference will be superior audio quality.

The other difference that may help it compete against Apple’s already very popular AirPods is the price. Amazon doesn’t hike up the price of its hardware like Apple does, so we could expect to see prices significantly less than Apple’s £159 price tag and possibly even further discounts for Amazon Prime users.

Although Amazon has done very well with its smart speaker and home assistant hardware such as the Amazon Echo, it has failed to compete with Apple within the mobile device market, despite having released its own smartphone the ‘Fire Phone’ which was discontinued in 2015.

However, Amazon’s wireless ear buds may pose more of a threat as early reports suggest that the device will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices, which alongside the better spec and cheaper cost, it could be easily sold to those who aren’t willing to pay Apple’s prices.

Amazon usually release new hardware in September, which means we have quite a long wait until we can get our hands on Amazon’s wireless ear buds.

Luke Stanley