Which is better for your business Facebook or Twitter?

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Which is better for your business Facebook or Twitter?

Every estate agent wants their business to grow and social media has likely been a marketing strategy that you have attempted to do.

Currently, Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social platforms and both are great tools to help expand and grow your business (if they are used correctly).

Despite both being highly beneficial to your business, having the time to manage and maintain both may not be possible. So which one is the best to help you grow your business?

In a lot of ways, this comes down to the individual person and their company, however each has different specific advantages:

Using Twitter

Twitter is a platform for short and to the point conversations. To succeed on Twitter you will have to be able to convey short message about your business, industry or local area that will be of value to your followers.

Twitter is definitely an easier platform to gather a larger following and connect with more people. A simple tweet can be shared across hundreds and even thousands of users within just a few minutes.

However, Twitter requires more time to maintain as it is vital to stay active and deliver value information continually.  

Twitter is a very fast paced social platform that requires multiple (non-promotional) posts a day to have any real impact.

For those short on time and not socially savvy, Twitter is probably not for you.

Using Facebook

Facebook dominates social with around 968 million daily users and 1.49 billion monthly users. The sheer number of users gives you an unlimited potential for reach, making it an invaluable tool.

Facebook has no content limits like Twitter, meaning your posts can be as long as you want them to be.

As with Twitter, one post can spread quickly across Facebook but it is a lot harder. It’s also harder to get a large following and requires a lot of effort to build and grow your Facebook page.

Facebook can help you to engage with your clients more than any other marketing tool but it does require a lot of effort to get into that kind of position.

As with all social media, consistency is key but as long as you are delivering valuable content to your audience then you are going to grow.

For those short on time and not overly social savvy, Facebook may be your best option. Although it isn’t an easy option

So which one is for you?  

Facebook requires less maintenance than Twitter, obviously the more you post the better results you will have but to keep an active Facebook account you probably only have to post a minimum of one post a day to keep your presence noticed, whereas Twitter would require at least 3-5 tweets a day.

Ideally, you would focus on both Twitter and Facebook to achieve online success so the answer isn’t one or the other, it should be both. Make the time for social media. 

Luke Stanley