When should estate agents post on Social Media?

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When should estate agents post on Social Media?

Struggling to make any real impact through social media? Posting at the right time can improve your social efforts, drawing in a big audience and generating more shares and likes. But what times are the best to post on these social platforms?


The optimal time to post statuses on Facebook is on weekdays between 6am-8am and 2pm-5pm. This is likely due to Facebook having over 751 million people using Facebook via a mobile device and 80% of mobile users checking their phones early each morning.

Studies show that people rarely engage on Facebook during working hours.

However it was found that the worst time to post is on weekends between 10pm-4am, avoid posting at these times.


Twitter engagement surprisingly rises 30% on the weekend compared to weekdays. The best time to post your statuses is between 1pm-3pm.

The worst time to post is between 8pm-8am any day of the week.


Google+ users seem to be more engaging in the mornings with the best time to post being between 9am-11am.

The worst time to post is between 6pm-7am.


LinkedIn optimal posting times are very similar to Facebook, the best time to post on LinkedIn is between 7am-8:30am and 5pm-6pm.

Surprisingly the worst time to post is on a Monday and Friday throughout the working day, 9am-5pm.


The best time for you to upload an article to your website for optimum exposure is on a Monday, Friday and Saturday at 11am.

The worst time to upload an article is between 11pm-8am any day of the week.

Your blog will perform a lot better if you post often and regularly, for the best results aim to post at least one article a week and try to do it on the same day at around the same time every week. This will give a reason for your audience to return again and again.

Of course, these times may slightly vary depending on your audience but these times are a good guide to follow in order to achieve the best results.  

Luke Stanley