What are hashtags and how should you use them?

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What are hashtags and how should you use them?

Hashtags can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Less than a quarter of tweets include hashtags but those that do receive double the engagement.

What are hashtags?

A hashtag is simply a label for content. They are used as a way to track topics that people are talking about. If you are sharing a post you can add one within the message, which will help people to be able to find information regarding the same topic quickly and easily.

Each hashtag is clickable and redirects to a page that displays all posts that have used the same hashtag. This helps people to find the content that is only relevant to what they are searching for.

How should you use them on the different platforms?


The hashtag is probably the most popular on Twitter. They help you to deliver targeted messages to your target audience.

Not only that you can view trending hashtags, allowing you to find ones that may relate to your audience and joining in on the topical conversation.


The hashtag isn’t very popular on Facebook. The social giant added hashtag support last year and by clicking on a hashtag (which has a unique URL) will redirect you to its feed.

You are also able to search for hashtags through the search bar.

Although you can use the hashtag on Facebook it is probably a good idea not to use it in every post (as it may annoy some of your followers).


Google+ is well known for its ability to get you seen on the search engine results. Google+ hashtags are no different, by using a hashtag on Google+ it can help your posts to get noticed on the search engine results page. If you click on a hashtag in Google+, the search results will include original hashtag as well as similar hashtags, helping you to engage and people.

Google+ will also automatically add hashtags to posts if they believe them to be relevant.

Golden rule: Don’t overuse hashtags

Never exceed more than two hashtags per posts on any social platform. If you continually add too many you will appear very spammy to your followers. 

Luke Stanley