Tweets are coming to Google

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Tweets are coming to Google

Earlier this year, Google struck up a deal with Twitter to once again allow them to crawl and index Twitters constant stream of data and make it viewable within their search engine.

This deal allows Google to index all tweets as soon as they are posted; giving Google the tools to create a real-time newsfeed within the search engine results.

In May, Google announced that they will begin showing Twitter listings within its mobile search results but only for US users. However now it looks like Twitter is coming to the UK and expanding to desktop devices.

It appears Google are currently experimenting with displaying Twitter in the desktop search results and the Twitter integration has been seen a couple times within Google’s UK desktop results.

However, these integrations have only been spotted for several celebrities and larger brands and only within the UK so far.

Unfortunately, as Google are still in the test stages you won’t be able to replicate these results but a Google spokesperson has confirmed that they are currently experimenting with displaying Twitter in desktop search results but they have no more information to announce at this point.

Why does this matter?

As we are seeing more tweets in the search results, in the future these tweets could play a vital part of the user’s search efforts. These tweets may be very influential, especially for brands.

For example, if a potential customer searches for your brand name, you will appear page one, position one but if it is followed by negative Twitter posts about how poor your services are then imagine the impact that will have on your potential customers.

Tweets directed at your brand good or bad will have a huge impact on your audiences’ decisions. You may appear on the top spot but if it is accompanied by negative comments your SEO efforts may be going to waste.

These tweets may not just appear next to brand results, it has the potential to extend to the rest of your keywords (e.g. estate agents in Leicester), which means you will have to step up your Twitter efforts to ensure these tweets don’t end up costing you business.

This means you will need to step up your brands activities on Twitter, sharing more valuable information and join in the conversation to avoid negativity being aligned with your brand.

Even though Google are still only in the testing stages of this integration, it is likely that it will be fully implemented in the near future. With this in mind, you should be stepping up your Twitter efforts immediately to ensure you are ready for when this integration becomes live. 

Luke Stanley