Test your Facebook business page

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Test your Facebook business page

Here is a 10 point checklist to help you evaluate whether your Facebook business page is fully complete and meeting your audiences requirements.

This is a quick and simple test to see how your Facebook business page measures up, what’s your score?

1. The About section – is your URL the first thing listed?

Your website’s URL should be the first thing listed under the about section.

2. Addition About information – are you providing links to all your other social media channels?

This enables your Facebook fans to have the option to follow you on other social networks.

3. Profile Photo – Does it clearly identify your brand?

Your profile picture should simply be your company logo.

4. Cover photo – Do you have a well-designed cover photo? Is it relevant to your business?

5. Cover photo description – Does it have a photo description with relevant information, a call to action or clickable links

6. App thumbnails – Does your page include a call to action and important apps?

7. Engagement – Is your page engagement at least 2%?

To get the full benefit from Facebook you need to be engaging with your audience. This simple equation can help identify if you are engaging enough:

Likes + Comments + shares on a given day  Total Fans on a given day x 100

If your page engagement is less than 2%, than you need to change your content strategy.

8. Content strategy

Ask yourself:

  1. What type of content will my brand be sharing?
  2. Am I using photos or videos to accompany each status?
  3. Am I really sharing informative and relevant information to my viewers?
  4. Am I implementing the 70/20/10 rule?

70% - adding value and brand building

20% - sharing other peoples posts, articles and ideas

10% - promoting your business 

9. Commenting – when your followers comment on your page are you responding to them?

You should be responding to every comment and if a commenter makes a good point be sure to like it.

10. Business opportunities– What relevant content should you be share? Are you making the most of your business opportunities?

How to determine your opportunities:

  1. Who is your target market?
  2. What does your target market like, want or need? The content you are posting should coincide with these things.
  3. What does your estate agency offer?
  4. What do you want from your Facebook page?

This test should get you thinking about what you really need to do to ensure you have a successful Facebook business page. Without these 10 points your social efforts will suffer. 

Luke Stanley