Social Media Stats You Can’t Ignore

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Social Media Stats You Can’t Ignore


Social media marketing is massive these days and almost every single estate agent has at least one social media account. Although many are still struggling to achieve any real results, you shouldn’t give up on your social media marketing campaigns. Instead, focus on how you can change your social efforts to be more appealing to your audience. 

Here are 16 great social stats to make you rethink and re-strategise your social marketing efforts:   

Stats and facts about Social Media 

1) 90% of businesses are now on social media.

2) Social media isn’t an effective marketing strategy for directly driving sales (on average, it only accounts for 1% of sales, compared to 16% for email). 

3) The eight most popular social media sites now collectively drive more than 30% of all traffic to websites. 

4) Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest drive the most referral traffic back to websites.

5) Estate agents have the lowest levels of engagement by far (1 share for every 19 posts). 

6) 62% of businesses say creating a social media strategy is their biggest marketing challenge. 

7) A businesses best influencer are usually their own employees. 50% of company employees usually share their company posts without being prompted. 

8) To find success on social media, you must put your customers’ needs and interests first.  21% of people say they will unfollow a business if they post repetitive or boring content. 19% of people say they would unfollow a business on Facebook if they posted too often (more than 6 times a day). 

9) 44% of businesses still don’t measure their social analytics. 

10) 58% of businesses say original content is the most important content for social media. 

11) 19% of businesses say original visual content is the most important content for social media. 

12) Social media audiences value images, videos and customers reviews from brands the most. 

13) 1 out of 3 social media users prefer to reach out to a company via social media for customer services. 63% of social media users expect a company to offer some kind of customer services via social media. 

14) 59% of Facebook users access the site two or more times a day, which is 66% more times than Twitter. 

15) People generally expect businesses to be active on at least three different social channels and 80% expect businesses to be on Facebook. 

16) Just because you aren’t finding success on social media doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. More than 50% of the internet’s users either don’t use or only use one social media account so other channels may work better for you. 


Luke Stanley