Google redesigns Google Plus

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Google redesigns Google Plus

Google Plus may not be the most popular social networks but that doesn’t mean it’s not successful, in fact Google Plus has over 300 million active monthly users. Google isn’t planning on dropping their social network and have now revamped it to focus on some much needed improvements.

First off, the new version of Google+ is a lot faster (an amazing 9 seconds faster according to Google). They have also completely replaced the coding to embrace a responsive design approach.

The new Google Plus now emphasizes on user interests, reorganising their platform around their Communities and Collections features.

Google+ Communities enables you to connect with other people around things you are passionate about, while Collections allows users to group post into topic-based sections.  

Google’s aim with their redesign seems to be to make Google+ easier to use by reorganising their networks around its users interests.

Google hasn’t only just redesigned their Google+ website but also its iOS and Android apps making them faster and easier to use across all different devices.

This redesign isn’t likely to drive tons of new users to thee social network, however the focus seems to be to improve usability around the success of their two most popular features so it isn’t a surprise that they have reorganised the website and apps around those areas of their platform.

The update will be rolled out over the next few weeks, but Google+ users will be able to check out the new website straight away by selecting the “let’s go” prompt you will receive once you log into your Google+ account.

Luke Stanley