First Facebook Messenger bot for Estate Agents

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First Facebook Messenger bot for Estate Agents

In April at Facebooks annual developer’s conference, Facebook launched their Messenger Bots. This new tool allows businesses to take advantage of Messenger’s technology and helps you interact with your audience.

It is now possible for developers to build these bots and get their messages out there in front of Facebook Messengers 900 million users.

In the states, bots were launched with partnering companies such as Burger King and CNN, each business delivers their own products or information to their audience in an innovative way.

Now, the property industry is getting in on this new technology. An Australian property website called Domain has launched the first Messenger Bot for property searches.

The new bot allows Facebook Messenger users to drop a location pin into Messenger to find houses for sale in the area that they have selected.

To get this information from the estate agent you first need to contact them via their Facebook page or directly through Messenger. Then drag and drop the location pin onto the map or simply type in an address. The bot will then show you all the properties for sale within the vicinity including prices and the ability to click for more information.

The bot also enables you to get a buyer’s price guide on any property you select whether it is on the market or not by simply entering a house address.

Here is a demo of the Domains new bot -

Domains bot does come with several very cool features but it is only the tip of the iceberg with what estate agents could do with this Facebook Messenger technology.

Domain is no doubt going to be one of the first in a long line of companies that will experiment with this new platform.

Luke Stanley