Facebook’s 10 year plan

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Facebook’s 10 year plan

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage at their F8 developer’s conference kicking off the event with a look into the social giants plans for the future.

Facebook's 10-year plan:

Facebook’s 10 year plan highlights its overall ecosystem in the first three years, their products such as Video, Messenger, Search, Whatsapp, Groups and Instagram over 5 years and technologies like A.I., Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and connectivity (drones, satellites, etc), through to year 10.

Messenger Bots

Facebook plans to make bots a seamless and crucial part of our Messenger experience. Zuckerberg announced that Facebook Messenger is the fastest growing app in the states with over 900 million users who send around 60 billion messages every day.

At the conference they showed off a couple of the bots, including Poncho the Weather Cat which is a bot that gives you the daily forecast in a conversational way and the 1-800-Flowers bot that enables you to order via text rather than needing to phone them or open an app.


Facebook also announced Live API which allows developers to build Facebook Live into devices and other apps.

Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox stated that 70% of mobile traffic will be video by 2021 and it looks like Facebook plans to accommodate their users shift to video.

They also announced the first camera created specifically for Facebook Live called Mevo. Mevo is a tiny camera that will make it easier for you to live stream videos from any device. The camera will be released this summer for $399.  

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Facebook seems to believe that virtual reality and augmented reality will be the next most important platform and showed off what they imagine VR/AR glasses will look like in the future but don’t expect to see them on the market any time soon.

But what was the biggest virtual reality moment of the F8 developer’s conference was the unveiling of the Surround 360 camera. This camera has 17 camera lenses and can capture 360 degree video in 8K resolution.

The camera will enable people to create VR content for Facebook’s Oculus Rift headset easier than before, although they didn’t mention any prices for the device during the event and we don’t think it will be a cheap one.


Facebook’s goals for the next 10 years may sound ambitious but Facebook has already started laying the groundwork to execute this plan, which they presented throughout the conference so it looks like we can expect big things from the social giant in the coming years. 

Luke Stanley