Facebook reveals new emoji’s called Reactions

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Facebook reveals new emoji’s called Reactions

Facebook has finally announced the highly anticipated expansion of the Like button. As expected there isn’t an actual Dislike button that many were hoping for but the new emotions that Facebook has come up with might be even better.

Facebook are calling these new emoji’s that will run alongside the Like button “Reactions” and they have already began testing this new system.

 facebook reactions.jpg

Facebook have so far revealed six new Reactions - Love, a laughing face (Haha), a very happy face (Yay), a surprised face (Wow), a crying face (Sad) and an angry face (angry) all of which you can see above.

Over the years, Facebook users have been demanding a Dislike button and this is Facebook solution to that request.

However, despite not being a Dislike button, these new Reactions give users the ability to show how a status really makes them feel which will work a lot better than just a simple like or dislike system.

Is this new system beneficial for estate agents?

Facebook hasn’t revealed much about the new reactions system and haven’t said anything about how it will affect advertisements, etc. However, these new reactions will definitely give us a lot more insight into what our customers/followers really think of our posts/statuses.

Do people like these posts, are they happy, excited or are they sad or angry that you are wasting their time?

This insight may have a huge impact on what you post to ensure you are providing your audience with the best content possible.

Until now, there has been no way your followers could show they didn’t like your posts apart from ignoring it which most do but leaves you no wiser about how your audience feels about your content or to leave a negative comment which very few will do.

Now, your audience will be able to show their feelings to a post with a simple click which we imagine a lot more people will do.

It isn’t clear if you will be able to remove reactions, which you might want to do if someone is abusing the system but we would be surprised if Facebook haven’t already came up with a solution to this possible problem.

And alternatively, positive reactions may cause more people to stop and actually look at your status. People don’t really look at Likes anymore, however if you have a lot of Wow or Haha reactions it may catch more users eyes and entice them to click, which may encourage you to create more engaging, interesting and relevant content.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available in Ireland and Spain for the time being (likely just for testing), however we doubt it will be long until it hits the UK so keep an eye out for it. 

Luke Stanley