Facebook Basics You Must Implement

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Facebook Basics You Must Implement


Every business should have an active Facebook Business page. The social network has over one billion active monthly users and a business page will easily show your potential customers what you’re business is all about.

Having a Facebook business page gives you the chance to display your business info such as open hours and contact information, and enable you to post updates to let people know the latest about your business.

Show people who you are

Adding your business information to your page will help customers to discover who you are and what you have to offer them.

Your business page can feature your:

  • Website
  • Opening hours and contact info
  • Description of your business
  • Services, products, directions
  • Call to actions

It is also a platform in which your customers can rate your business and write reviews. This will encourage more people to see your business and use your services.

Help customers take action

A business page will also enable you to add Call to Action buttons to help you reach your goals, especially on mobile.

The Call to Action buttons on a mobile are prominently display on your page, enabling you to place buttons just under the page’s cover photo. There are a range of Call to Action buttons including “Call Now”, “Send Message”, “Contact Us”, “Book Now” and “Use App”.

Visualise your business

By adding photos you can show your customers who you are and what to expect from your business. The first images your audience will see are your profile photo and cover image. Your profile photo should be your logo; the cover image has to be something relevant to your business but also something which will catch your audience’s eye. Don’t be afraid to get creative.  

Creating a post

The main reason why you should have a Facebook Business page is to increase brand awareness and to engage with your audience. The success of this will be down to what you post and how you respond to your audience.

Posts can help to keep people informed about your business, as well as educate and entertain them.

The people who see and read your posts will be able to like it, add a comment or share it with their friends if they find it interesting or entertaining enough.

Tips for posts:  

  • All posts should be relevant to your business and/or area.
  • Ensure you add a link to your website or another with further information regarding the post (e.g. an article).
  • Add a photo or video to make the content more engaging.
  • Share special business events or milestones.
  • Pin an interesting post to the top of your page so it is the first thing people will see.  

Luke Stanley