Can Social Media Drive Loyalty?

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Can Social Media Drive Loyalty?


When it comes to social media, quality is certainly better than quantity especially when it comes to followers.

10 loyal followers can be a lot more valuable to you than having tens of thousands of casual followers, so attracting the right kind of follower is important.

Social media can be a powerful tool for building loyalty among your followers, but how can you achieve this?

Here are some tips to help you build brand loyalty on social media:

1) Focus on valuable content

When you share something through your social media accounts, the first thing you should ask yourself is “what’s in it for my followers/customers?”

Everything you post should have some value to your audience, whether it addresses their needs, interests or at least makes them laugh. If it doesn’t do any of this then there is no point of posting it.

Giving your audience valuable, informative information over spammy, self-promotional posts is how you gain trust and loyalty on social media.

2) Being social

You’d be surprised by just how many businesses who are active on social media, aren’t social. It is important to remember you must engage with your audience, interact and help them.

Keep an eye out for notifications; ensure you deal with any questions/complaints promptly, and don’t forget to get social and to be a part of your online community.

3) Consistency

If you want loyal followers you need to stay connected to keep them engaged with your brand. It is important that your business stays in their mind so you will have to post regularly.

We’d recommend that you post once or twice daily. If you are only planning on posting once or twice every six months then there’s really no point of being on social media.  

4) Be the solution

Occasionally, you will need to promote your services, however the way in which you do this can harm your brand altogether. Many businesses just force their products and services upon their followers which can be a bad idea, instead when promoting your services or property listings you should show them how they can solve their problems. Aim to be helpful, not forceful.  

By building authority through giving away valuable information, then this will really help you appear more trustworthy online, especially if you do even when you are promoting yourself directly. 

Luke Stanley