Accessing all of your social media analytics

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Accessing all of your social media analytics

You should all have at least one business account on one of the 3 major social media platforms listed below (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).

Hopefully you will also know how to engage with your audience to drive the best results, but do you know how to measure the results of your activity on these social media channels?

Measuring your activity is the only way to find out if what you are doing is right. So in order to ensure you aren’t wasting your time on these social channels, here is a quick overview of how you can access social media analytics:


The majority of you are probably on Facebook but have you ever looked to see how you were really performing?

First log into your Facebook and go to your business page. Within the primary navigation you will see an ‘Insights’ tab. This is where your analytics information is, here you will see the number of page likes you’ve had over the last week, how many people your posts have reached, the level of engagement you’ve had, along with a breakdown of each individual post. This will help you to see which posts your audience actually wants to see and what times are best to send them out.


While logged into your Twitter Business account, simply go to Here you will see how many tweets you’ve sent out, how many impressions they’ve had, how many people have visited your profile, how many mentions you’ve had and how many followers you’ve got (all based over the last 28 days and compared to the previous month).

You can also see a breakdown of individual tweets, demographic details, as well as monthly highlights detailing top tweets, etc.

Google Plus

Google Plus and Google Places are no longer two separate accounts, meaning monitoring these analytics has never been more important.

Google My Business is now both Google Plus and what used to be Google Places. And now you can view their analytics via the ‘My Business’ section.

Simply log onto your Google Plus business account and click on ‘My Business’. This will show you a brief overview of your statistics and the option to view more insights.

These insights will show you Visibility including how many views you’ve had (through Search, Google Plus, Posts and Photos) and how many people have clicked (to go through to your website, to get directions and to make phone calls), Engagement including details about posts, comments, shares and +1s and Audience which breaks down how many new followers you’ve got, what countries they are from and their age and gender. This information can be invaluable to your online strategy.

Google Analytics

Finally, even after you have reviewed and analysed each of these social analytics, make sure you review Google Analytics too. There is a whole section within Acquisition menu dedicated to social media, to see how many people have visited your website through the individual social networks, etc.

This will help back up your efforts and see how much of an impact social media is having on your online marketing efforts. 

Luke Stanley