6 facts that will make you see social media in a new light

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6 facts that will make you see social media in a new light

It’s time to think of social media in a new way. Many estate agents don’t really put much effort into their social media strategy and in return receive very little from their efforts. It is time to shake up your social media strategy and step forward into a new way of social thinking.

Here are 6 social media facts to make you see social media in a new light:


1) It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality

Your biggest advocates aren’t likely to be those with thousands of followers. Only one out of ten mentions will come from “power users” (those with more than 500 followers). It time to focus on the little guys.

2) Keep up with the fast pace

If you have ever used Twitter you will know how fast it moves but what might surprise you is how quickly your customers and potential customers expect you to reply. 53% of Twitter users who tweet a brand expect a response within an hour.

3) Don’t solely focus on tweet during work time hours

You are more likely to receive retweets between 10pm and 11am. It may be worth occasionally scheduling tweets for when you are out of office.  


4) The best day may be Friday

The data reports are in and the best engagement rates are on a Friday. However Friday’s are only slightly better than the rest of the week so don’t worry yourself too much.

5) Photos deliver better results

Content isn’t king on Facebook, Photos are! With every snippet of content you post try to include an image. 87% of Facebook interactions are photo-related.

General social facts:

6) Use social media to drive traffic

All of these posts and engaging with your audience in the end is to promote your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. And although social giants like Facebook and Twitter will drive the most traffic, this doesn’t necessarily mean they drive the best. Instead sites like Google+ and YouTube produce the best traffic with the highest average time on sites and the lowest bounce rates. 

Luke Stanley