6 Facebook Business Page Benefits

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6 Facebook Business Page Benefits


The hype of social media didn’t live up to many estate agents expectations, meaning many have now given up on the idea of Facebook for their business. However, there are many real benefits of Facebook if you use it correctly.

Here are 6 benefits of a Facebook business page:

1. Massive potential customer exposure

As of January 2018, Facebook had 2.2 billion monthly active users. Enough said.

2. Find more leads

The platform gives you such a massive potential reach, the potential for generating leads and connections is huge. You can do this by proving your audience with compelling, interesting and entertaining content and then by interacting with your interested audience.

But remember, receiving likes and followers is pointless if you don’t turn them into customers. In order to do this you must keep your fans engaged continually, so when they are ready to buy or sell a property you are the first estate agent they think of.

3. Will reduce marketing costs

Having a Facebook business page is completely free, and you can maintain your Facebook page with minimal costs.

To keep the costs of managing your page low, just post pictures you’ve taken yourself, get everyone in the office to contribute to the running of the page and publish sharable content to help you expand your audience without having to pay for ads.

4. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights, a lot like Google Analytics helps you to understand your audience. It is easy to use and understand and provides you with great information.

It will tell you how many likes you have received, how many people your post/page reached, the engagement of your page, your posts performance and more…

You can really delve deeply into your performance but the basics will tell you how your Facebook page is performing with minimal effort on your part.

This will help you to decide what your audience wants from you, what they don’t want from you and how to get more business out of Facebook.

5. Builds brand awareness and loyalty

If you continually post valuable and entertaining content your followers will love you for it. They will also share your posts to their friends promoting your business for you.

If those people can see you being active and engaging, they are much more likely to like you and do business with you in the future.

6. Generate traffic to your website

You want your Facebook page to drive people to your website.

If people are only viewing posts, then you are only entertaining them and not promoting your business.

The majority of your posts should include links back to your website. This may be to articles, property listings or directing them to subscribe to your newsletter.

A good way to do this is by using big imagery. Images are more likely to be clicked on and can be an essential part of your Facebook strategy.

Ensure the pages you are directing them to include valuable, interesting or entertaining content, with clear call to actions to promote your business. 

Luke Stanley