5 Ideas To Help You Connect With Your Audience On Social Media

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5 Ideas To Help You Connect With Your Audience On Social Media


A question we get asked a lot is what should an estate agency share on social media? For many estate agents, they believe these platforms are a place to market their property stock but unless you find a way to connect to your audience, you will find it hard to get anything back from your social media efforts.

Here are 5 ideas you can use to help you to connect with your audience:

1) Post Industry News

The one thing you must be posting is industry news. A lot of people don’t have the time to follow everything that happens within the property industry, but it should be your job to share the relevant and important news with your followers. You are the industry expert after all.

You should be educating your audience on the things that are happening within the industry. If you do this frequently, people will come to you directly because they will begin to see you as an industry leader.

2) Post Local News

You are also the expert of your local area. Use this knowledge to share information with your local audience. Is there an event coming up? Roadworks happening? A new shop opening?

This is the sort of information your local audience wants to see and read. Share your information and you will become the go to place for local news.  

3) Post Tips

We all love a good tip. As the expert, share your knowledge. You don’t necessarily even have to share your own tips, if you have any advice or tips that will educate your audience and help them to make better decisions, share it!

For example, you could share tips on how to make your house more appealing to buyers or the best ways to increase property value?

These types of tips aren’t just readable, they are shareable and likely to draw in larger audiences.

4) Post Customer Testimonials

Of course, you should be sharing your customer’s testimonials on your website, but it’s also worth sharing them on your social media feeds.

Instead of saying “Sell your property with us”, use your testimonials as a pitch for your services and let people know that other people value your services.

5) Post Predictions

Again, people love a good prediction. If you see a relevant trend happening, post about it. It doesn’t necessarily matter if your prediction doesn’t happen, people still love to know what the experts are thinking which will encourage engagement.

Luke Stanley