Why mobile matters

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Why mobile matters

The first point of contact with your business is likely to come via a mobile device. These devices rarely leave our sides and they are constantly active throughout the day. 92% of people now own a smartphone and almost 60% of online activity are generated by them.

If this isn’t enough proof for why mobile is so essential for your estate agency business, here are 5 more reasons why you must go mobile:

1. Usability

With the majority of your potential customers landing on your website from a mobile device, having a mobile optimised website that is easy to read, navigate and use is crucial to ensure those users stay on your website.

A well designed, mobile optimised and user friendly website will help draw in more leads, reduce your bounce rate and improve your Google rankings.

2. SEO

Earlier this year Google released a rather significant search algorithm update which revolved around mobile-friendliness. This algorithm update was put in place to provide mobile users with websites that are more suited for their needs.

Mobile optimised websites are now favoured for mobile search enabling them to rank higher than non-mobile friendly websites.

3. Local search

Over 40% of mobile search is on a local level. More and more people are searching for services based locally to them in hopes of finding a suitable business in their area.

As estate agents you can take advantage of this and use location-based targeting and apps to attract new leads and more business.

4. Content

If you aren’t already, you should have some sort of content marketing in place. Blogs can benefit businesses in a number of ways but without mobile-friendly content, your blogging will likely be overlooked.

As stated above, over 60% of online traffic comes from a mobile device. If your content isn’t readable on a smartphone, then it is useless to the reader and is a sure-fire way to lose potential business. Ensure all of your content is readable (large enough) for all users without them having to pinch and zoom.

5. Social media

If you currently use social media to promote your business, expand brand recognition and to draw in more traffic then mobile will enhance your social efforts. Over 80% of social users use sites like Facebook and Twitter via a mobile device. In fact, out the 968 million daily active users, 844 million of those access Facebook from a mobile device.

If you aren’t mobile-friendly your social efforts may be going to waste.


In conclusion, mobile has become an indispensable factor for all online marketing and sales. Mobile is no longer a luxury; it is one of the most important online factors in modern marketing. The easiest way to ensure you are mobile-friendly and Google approved is to build a responsive website. This means the site’s configuration will scale to fit the any device. 

Luke Stanley