The Importance of Mobile Experience

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The Importance of Mobile Experience


Mobile marketing isn’t something that can be ignored anymore. Optimising for mobile and creating some form of mobile marketing strategy is a must for every estate agent.

Here are 8 mobile marketing statistics to show you just how important having a solid mobile presence is:

1) 80% of internet users own a smartphone.

The majority of people today have some sort of mobile presence, so ignoring mobile is no longer an option. This number will continue to rise and mobile is already more dominant for online search.

2) 48% of consumers start their research via a mobile device through a search engine.

If you want your audience to find you online your SEO needs to be on point. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website then your rankings will suffer.

3) 26% of consumers start their research via a mobile device through a brand app.

People trust search engines more when they are researching for products or services but if you have a well-established presence in your area, mobile users may favour an app over a responsive website so you should have both options covered.

4) More than 50% of smartphone users look at their smartphones immediately after they wake up.

People have become addicted to their smartphones and this is one of the key factors to why email marketing is so valuable as a mobile marketing tool. It gives you a direct connection to their device that is rarely out of arms reach.

5) According to Google, 61% of users aren’t likely to return to a mobile website if it was difficult to use and 40% of those users will immediately visit a competitor’s website instead.

6) 83% of mobile users say a seamless experience across all devices is vital.

These days, consumers expect consistency throughout your website. This means you branding, structuring and content needs to stay consist no matter what device the user is using. Only responsive web design can do this effectively.

7) 57% of people wouldn’t recommend a business just because they have a poorly designed mobile website.

Web design isn’t just about visual appeal; it’s about the user experience. Never sacrifice the user experience for looks if you want to keep your audience happy.  

8) 88% of people that search for a local business via a mobile device will either call or go to that businesses office within 24 hours.

First impressions mean everything. We use our mobile devices to search for everything, especially local business so don’t neglect mobile! 

Luke Stanley