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Mobile first web design

The number of websites around the world has exceeded 1 billion and with such a vast number of websites available to the public it has led many businesses to use more appealing and intuitive designs on their websites to stand out from the crowd.

What’s next for web design?

In the last 10 years web design has grown and evolved drastically giving designer less restriction and more freedom to unleash their creativity. However, how people use the internet these days has also changed drastically over the last few years.

Web design has move past the desktop to a broader mobile audience, and within the mobile world web designers are required to focus on mobile first design, mobile apps and the mobile user interface.

Mobile First

With a huge amount of your traffic coming from a mobile device, considering the mobile user first is obviously a must for any web design projects. This means your content must be clear, the navigation easy and layout simple.

Navigation has to be simple meaning every page on your website needs to be easily accessible, free from clutter and spacing needs to be considered. Mobile websites needs a consistent design across an array of screen sizes.

Mobile design revolves around the user experience, don’t overlook it.

Mobile Apps

Considering mobile first for design to benefit the user also relates to mobile apps and how they have changed the way people engage and interact through the internet. Mobile apps simplify things, just one touch and you have reached your destination. No typing in URLs or searching, just click and you are there.

Mobile apps are about providing the user with an on-going service; this is where the designing of the app is important. Mobile apps can be a valuable tool for any business and will give mobile users another access point.

User interface

The key behind the success of any mobile/responsive website is the user experience; design needs to take to a back seat to allow for a great user experience. Speed and efficiency is crucial for any mobile project and this comes from simplicity.

The user experience shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to web design; you need to ensure that the user can engage with the website or app without any hesitation.

The design of your website needs to focus on how your audience’s minds will work and how you can meet your user’s needs. 

Luke Stanley