Mobile dominates social activity

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Mobile dominates social activity

We all know social media is huge these days. We also know that most people use more than one device to search the web.

With multi-device searching habits it makes it difficult for us to track customer actions, however what we do know is that an amazing 67% of consumers begin their searching process on one device before completing it on another.

Social media is dominated by mobile

Most of us will use social platforms on multiple devices; however social media usage is dominated by mobile devices:

  • 68% of time spent on Facebook is via a mobile device.
  • 86% of time spent on Twitter is via a mobile device.
  • 98% of time spent on Instagram is via a mobile device.
  • 92% of time spent on Pinterest is via a mobile device.
  • 26% of time spent on LinkedIn is via a mobile device.

Why do these stats matter?

In 2015, the average time people spent using the internet on their phones was 4.7 hours a day. A massive percentage of that time was spent on social media. These stats can’t be ignored.

And I’m sure you haven’t considered the impact mobile has on your social media efforts.

How often do you update your social content? Is the content mobile-friendly? Is your audience viewing, clicking and liking your posts? If not, why not? Could it be because your social presence isn’t geared towards the mobile user?

If you are planning to up your mobile marketing game this year then social media may be worth considering. 

Luke Stanley