Do you need a Mobile App?

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Do you need a Mobile App?

These days having a mobile presence within your estate agency business is vital. So many of your potential customers are now using mobile to search, find and interact with businesses, you need to be ready to meet their mobile needs with a mobile optimised website or possibly even a dedicated app for your brand.

But do you really need an app or should you just settle for a mobile or responsive website?

Here are 5 question you need to ask yourself in order to help you make the right decision:

1. Are you dedicated to mobile?

If you are determined to take advantage of mobile, then you should consider the mobile app audience. If you have a strict business budget, then you may want to consider only one platform (e.g. iOS or Android).

2. Do you want the best user-experience for your customers?

Mobile apps have many features that can be useful to someone searching for property such as GPS, easy contact info and push notifications. If you don’t believe your customers would find these useful you can probably settle for a mobile/responsive website.

3. Is it your top priority?

Mobile should be your top priority but a mobile app doesn't have to be. There are more important requirements you have to meet before getting a mobile app. Getting a mobile or responsive website should be your top priority as a huge amount (on average 40%) of the traffic to your website comes from mobile devices.

4. Do you want to expand your reach?

Some estate agents find it important to cover all digital marketing channels, allowing them to increase their reach and promote their business. A mobile app is also a great promotional tool for attracting vendors as it may be one more marketing channel you have over the competition.

5. Cost vs profit

You have to make a decision on whether your app is profitable. Of course if you are willing to promote your app (on your website, through social media and by word of mouth) then the future profits will definitely cover the costs. 

Troy Stanley