Apple's iOS 11 Kills Off Old iPhone and iPad Apps

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Apple's iOS 11 Kills Off Old iPhone and iPad Apps


iPhone and iPad users who install the latest version of iOS will find some older apps won’t work anymore.

Apple’s new operating system will drop support for old apps that don’t meet their requirements as the technology moves to using faster processors. This will potentially leave a lot of iPhone/iPad users unable to access some of their favourite apps.

Apple have decided to restrict iOS 11 to only running apps written in 64-bit code, so if your app has been written in 32-bit, it won’t work on devices that have installed iOS 11.

This will mostly affect apps that haven’t been updated in the last two years. 

Apple has warned app owners about its intentions to move away from supporting 32-bit apps for some time now.

When Apple released iOS 9, they explained that 32-bit apps could causes iPhones/iPads to perform slower than usual.

And since June 2015, the App Store has rejected updates that lack 64-bit support in preparation for Apple killing off 32-bit apps completely.

The tech giant has dropped support for 32-bit software to enable them to streamline its operating system and allows it to run more quickly.

iOS 11 is freely available for Apple customers and has rolled out today, meaning many users will find that some of their older apps will no longer work.

Luke Stanley